Top Hiking Trails in Utah

It is no surprise that Utah is a paradise for hikers. Quite providentially, Utah is blessed with striking trails and if you want to go for some of the world’s best hiking experience you got to visit this country. Here are some of the top hiking trails in Utah.

The Narrows

Located in Zion National Park, the Narrows is one of the most iconic hiking trails in Utah. It features 10 miles of terrain out and back. The terrains are easy so it is great for beginners as long as you don’t mind your shoes getting wet as you cross the Virgin River. Summer is the best time to hike in The Narrows since the temperature remains cool.

Red Cliffs Nature Trail

This is just a quick two-mile hiking trail with very little elevation making perfect for families who simply want to have a fun exercise. The trail starts from a small sandy river to a red rock desert, where it got its name. The best time to hike in Red Cliffs is during fall since summer can really be hot.

Little Wild Horse Canyon

This hiking is probably the easiest in Utah. You can actually hike from the Little Wild Horse to Bell Canyon Loop and traverse the 8.5 mile loop. However, if you simply want to have some fun and prefer an easy trail, you can opt for the Little Wild Horse alone. Hiking here will also give you a chance to see a lot of stunning views. This place is so stunning you will feel like you’re walking on a Martian landscape.

Cassidy Arch

The Cassidy Arch offers moderately challenging terrains. There are some stone stairs in the area, which add up to the daring route but wait until you see the amazing rock formation overlooking the spectacular russet breadth of Capitol Reef National Park. A lot of people come here not just to hike but to enjoy its beauty.

Navajo Trail

You’ve probably seen the Navajo Trail in many movies. It is a beautiful trail where you see the hoodoos, or the spires of red rock formations. The hike here is quite challenging but the view of the gigantic red rocks will somehow ease the tiresome journey. You can combine the Navajo Trail with the Queens Garden Trail if you want your adventure to be longer. Make sure to go with a group to make the experience even more exciting.