A Vacation in Australia: What are the Best Places to Stay?

So you’ve finally taken a break and decided Australia as your next destination. Well, you aren’t mistaken in choosing this vibrant country. Australia showcases thunderous natural beauty and beautiful cities to stay. Today, we have listed the top hotels that you can choose from when going to this country for a vacation.

Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

If you’re in Sydney, the best choice of hotel is always Shangri-La. It gives you the luxury you needed for a much-needed vacation. It has mundane rooms and impressive service history that will give worth to what you’ve paid for.  The place is quite pricey but you will never regret the kind of service they’ll give you and much more with the experience.

Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island

Going to Lord Howe Island? Capella Lodge will give you the comfortable stay you need after a long day. We’ve chosen this hotel because it will give you a Hawaiian feel and a view of two large mountains towering out of the ocean. Here you’ll catch a view of the wonderful blue lagoon and enjoy the calmness of the area.

Grand Chancellor, Melbourne

Melbourne is known as the funky city of Australia and if you’ve chosen to stay in this city, you can spend your night at the Grand Chancellor. This hotel offers amazing amenities at a great price point and is just steps away from Cocker Alley where you’ll see colorful Graffiti arts.

Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania

So you’re staying in Tasmania? Good for you because Saffire Freycinet will welcome you with its ultra-modern amenities and lovely staff. What makes this hotel unique is that it is built stepped into a hillside overlooking the Cove Beach. The hotel is just a three-hour drive from Hobart but the experience is nothing like any hotel in the city.

Silky Oaks Lodge, Far North Queensland

If you are traveling to Far North Queensland, we recommend Silky Oaks Lodge.  It’s the kind of hotel that any nature lover would admire. In fact, you’ve probably dreamed of it when you were a child such as the solid woods, unique architectural blends, and a mix of greeneries in the background. This hotel is totally perfect in giving its guests a tropical blend.